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Just some person [userpic]
Accomodation Fears
by Just some person (djonma)
at August 2nd, 2006 (08:22 am)

current mood: worried

I start at Reading Uni in October, I was going to be sharing a place with my boyfriend and a good friend, but our friend has been delaying stuff continually, and we're worried she doesn't want to share with us.
Thanks to the delays I'm now too late to apply for university accomodation.

So.. I'm looking at private landlord student housing.

All these places seem pretty cheap - £55-£70 a week or so, which is within our budget, but they're all 4 bedroom houses or more and they say that the room price is based on getting a full house.

Is it my responsibility to find other people to share the house with or do these landlords rent out individual rooms and then hope they can fill the other rooms?
We can't be lumbered with a massive house and just us in it, we couldn't afford it!

I'm really clueless in this area, and I'm really worried about it all.
Plus, I'm disabled and I'm worried about sharing with people that don't know me and don't understand my disability.

It's all got a bit scary!

And I REALLY want my cat with us! Is there going to be ANY way I can share with people I don't know and still have my cat?
How do I know that random students I might share with aren't crazy axe murderers??